Rural Educational & Economic Development (REED)


Appalled by the acute poverty, illiteracy and inequality in the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh, SAHAYATA TRUST, Hyderabad with the help of IMRC U.S.A took an initiative in setting up a platform – REED (Rural Educational and Economic Development) – to fight these evils. The twin focus of REED is Educational and Economic development. For educational development, REED is concentrating on setting up basic multipurpose ‘one teacher schools’ in remote villages. To promote Education and economic development.


‘One teacher schools’ in underdeveloped villages of coastal Andhra. These schools would serve a multipurpose role as centers for secular and spiritual education as well as social activities. 71 school buildings are completed from the ground level, while 29 more are expected to be ready soon. We have earmarked several more sites and expect to begin construction there soon.

In addition to the school building and appointed teacher, villagers could also benefit from access to a basic library.

We have also appointed teachers in these villages where schools were built but were defunct due to lack of a teacher. We provide training to these teachers before they take charge of the village schools. All teachers attend the monthly motivation and training camp where they undergo refresher courses, and also provide a monthly report of their activities, so that we can monitor the progress. Working very hard to educate the villagers about the importance of education and the need for teachers. As a result, many villagers are now convinced about the need for them to participate in contributing to teacher salaries. We expect the locals in some villages to contribute one-third of teachers’ salaries. More important than their monetary contribution will be the resulting sense of involvement of the local villagers in these projects.

Scholorship :

Scholarships are provided to those who has very poor financial conditions. Due to these financial conditions the parents does not want to send their children to school and will eventually send their children for earning money for the family. Based on the student marks and ability to study the amount of the scholarship is decided.

India is a rural country with most of its land is fertile. Only the fertility of the land is not enough. Our country’s rural side needs development.

Constable training

Sahayata trust have provided free coaching for constable training to the deserving candidates who were given physical training and academic training free of cost.

Sahayata Trust is currently focusing in the areas of West Godavari, East Godavari, Guntur, Krishna, Nalgonda, Srikakulam and vizianagram.

More than 100 Bore-wells are installed for poor farmers and villagers excluding existing REED locations. All Bore-wells are free to use for all villagers including school needs.

After the successful result we will be starting the REED project in Rural of Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttarpradesh and Telangana.

Sahayata Trust is working hard to educate rural community, discourage school dropouts and for social reform.


Daily prayer practicing
Daily 1 hour Maktab Taleem
Daily Adult education for 15 min
Daily door to door visit and meet by 2 local person
Weekly door to door visit and meet by 3 to 5 person
Weekly gathering
Monthly teachers/Imams reporting and gathering
Surprise visits to check teacher/Imam activities
feeding programs
Food grains distribution at-least for a month of 3 meals
Meat distribution
School bags and books distribution