Emergency Relief Work

  • Sahayata trust has given aid to Gujrat,latoor,kashmir and Kurnool victims who had suffered from natural calamities(earth quake, tsunami etc)
  • Sahayata trust has committed to support 500 homes construction in Kurnool for rehabilitation of flood victims. Till now 222 homes have completed and handed over to flood victims.
  • Sahayata trust organizes zakath distribution program every year since 8 years in the shape of food grain and in the last year 2010 we have distributed 20000 food packages 3 million meals program and performed 3180 qurbani all over AP and neighboring states. In the year of 2011 Sahayata Trust has purchased 168 Mt of rice and 117.5 Mt of grocery for distributing to poor families and Alhamdulillah this can feed 1.68 million persons for 1 time. About 10,000.00 packets were distributed to at least 10000 to 12000 families and performed 2600 Qurbani all over AP and neighboring states. Sahayata trust is doing all these work with support of IMRC U.S.A and U.K and local support, we are very much thankful to All…
  • Sahayata Trust have always played a very important role during any sort of emergency or panic situations.
    Sahayata Trust have successfully and sincerely participated with all possible efforts in several relief and resave operation by the grace of Allah.
    Sahayata Trust have donated “2000” tents in the year 2005 for the victims of Kashmir’s earth quake.
    In another tragedy situation that had occurred in Gujarat and Ahmadabad after the riots and severe earth quake many death and casualties occurred cruel action and killing were at the highest Peak. Human beings mercilessly killing their own kind human being presented such a wild show should it be forgettable at that situation Sahayata Trust have done lot of relief work and provided the victims with funds and house hold items like foodstuff, vegetables ,food grains were provided.
    Sahayata Trust has played a very important role in Kurnool in 2004 when there were worse rainy floods, large areas were submerged many deaths and homeless were the result of emergency. At this juncture Sahayata Trust arranged for medical campus and had provided pots for cooking, plates, jugs, glasses and other important house hold appliances to needy.

    In the year 2008 approximately 650 persons were given loan without interest for the rehabilitation of the victims and for those who had become homeless

    In the year 2004 Srinagar colony, champapet there was a big fire incident in which more than three hundred huts were burned. Sahayata Trust distributed free relief of house hold items and other domestic useful items food items and vegetable etc were distributed among the needy.

    In the year 2004 at the time of tsunami, Andaman and Nikobar were ruined. Sahayata Trust actively participated independently and in collaboration with other groups who were busy in the same cause. Sahayata trust” helped the victims by setting-up medical camps and freely distributed house applies