Board Members

Mr. Manzoor Ghori, Chairman
He is one of the founder of Sahayata Trust and has been the chairman since its inception in 1981.He migrated from Hyderabad, India to USA in 1968 after completion of his Bachelors’ degree in science from Osmania University. After earning his Bachelor and Master’s Degree in U.S., he has since been working as a clinical scientist for Kaiser Hospital. He is now living in Palo Alto with his wife and four children.

Mr. Syed Anees Uddin, C.E.O
Syed Anees Uddin, the present CEO of Sahayata Trust is a civil engineer by profession from Osmania University. He is active in all the projects executed under Sahayata Trust for India, to name a few Indo US Hospital, “Challenger Home” A Girls Orphanage, etc. Apart from social activities he is a seasoned business man active in construction field for the past 25 years.

Mr. Mohammed Badruddin, Secretary
He has worked in Libia University and got 22 years experience. Now he is Secretary at Sahayata trust.

Mr. Ifteqaruddin Ghori, Treasurer
He is well known businessman and currently holding the post of Treasurer at Sahayata Trust.

Mr. Khaja Hussain, Member
He is a financial adviser to Shayata Trust and IMRC.

Mr. M.A. Bari Faruqi, Member
He is a lawyer and officer bearer of the Bar Council of Andhra Pradesh and also he is a founder member of Sahayata trust.

Mr. Shahed Jaweed, Member