Our Aim & Motto

Help the Needy, Feed the Poor

We need your support and co-operation in order to reach out to more people and do our bit to make a positive difference in society. Note: Sahayata Trust is equipped with 80G Tax Exemption benefits and FCRA facility for International Donors.

Sahayata Trust has been involved in social activities and is working in India since 1981. Sahayata Trust got registered in 1996 with India Govt. with registration number being 17/1996.

Sahayata Trust believes in maximizing human and environmental wellbeing. It has identified 4 areas as its primary focus:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Community & Social Service
  • Emergency Relief
  • The activities of these 4 focus areas are classified under the following nomenclature:

  • Social Ventures (ventures that are both sustainable & scalable)
  • Social Joint Ventures (ventures jointly organized & partly funded)
  • Grants (service support and fund utilization)
  • Sahayata Projects

    The activities of these 4 focus areas are classified under the following nomenclature.


  • Orphanage for girls
  • School bags and books distribution program for school students
  • Food distribution program for poor families
  • Meat distribution Program for poor families
  • Feed program for poor families
  • Bore well program for villages
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    • Build Homes for flood victims in Kurnool with Govt. of Andhra Pradesh
    • Bhagalpur Riots
    • Gujarat Riots
    • Kurnool Floods
    • Assam Riots
    • Uttarakhand Floods
    • Muzaffarnagar Riots