Welcome to Sahayata Trust

Sahayata Trust has been involved in social activities and is working in India since 1981. Sahayata Trust got registered in 1996 with India Govt. with registration number being 17/1996.

Sahayata Trust has identified 4 areas as its primary focus:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Community & Social Service
  • Emergency Relief Work

We Are Involved In Social Activities

from Past 30+ Years


Tents in 2005 to Kashmir Earthquake Victims


& More Poor Patients Treated


School Buildings in Rural India

Sahayata Trust

Our Focus

We focus on the important sectors of education, healthcare, emergency relief operations, rural development

Our Aim

To help the needy and feed the poor

Our Projects...

It is one of the important aim of “Sahayata trust” to establish educational institutions. It is one of the important aims and objectives of “Sahayata trust” to help the student , awarding them with “scholarships”.
For upliftment of orphan girls, Sahayata Trust is running a girls orphanage in Hyderabad. Besides this we are also running a home for the aged.
Sahayata Trust has been involved in organizing health camps and medical clinics in economically backward areas to relieve suffering of poor people.
Sahayata trust has given aid to Gujrat,latoor,kashmir and Kurnool victims who had suffered from natural calamities(earth quake, tsunami etc)

IMRC 2016 All-in-One Report

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Do you want to be a part of our cause? Feel free to get in touch with us. We would be glad to speak to you and answer your queries and doubts.